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Tap Dance

About Class

Tap Dance

Tap dance is an excellent way to develop a sense of rhythm and musicality. Children have lots of fun making sounds with their feet!

Children are introduced to tap dance in our Preparatory Dance class at pre-school age. They continue to learn to tap into our Pre-primary and Primary levels where both genres are compulsory alongside each other. Once in grade 1 level, children attend a separate tap lesson weekly.

The Graded Examinations build up progressively, ensuring that steps and skills learned at lower levels prepare for more complex movements as the candidate progresses. Each examination allows candidates to progress to the next level in the tap dance genre. Also, a range of transfers to other dance genres becomes possible as the candidate develops physically and learns common skills such as running, use of arms, posture, timing and rhythmic awareness. In this way, with additional teaching input, the candidate can develop a broad base of dancing skills.

The objectives of the Tap Dance graded examination syllabus are:

• to teach correct posture;

• to build a secure Tap technique;

• to develop an awareness of tone;

• to promote the understanding of dance terminology;

• to gain a good sense of line through body, arms and head;

• to gain an understanding of rhythm and its development;

• to develop an appreciation and interpretation of various musical styles;

• to develop spatial awareness;

• to develop an awareness of the audience and a sense of performance;

• to encourage a sense of self-expression;

• to encourage creative use of rhythm and movement;

• to promote self-confidence in the performance of a solo.

tap-syllabus-outline-aug-2020-final.pdf ISTD