Express Yourself Through Movement

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Pre-Primary Ballet & Tap

About Class

Pre-Primary Ballet & Tap

Our Pre-Primary Ballet & Tap class is for children of school Reception age and above. There are two levels to this class. Once completing a year in our Pre-primary Ballet & Tap class, your child will move up to our Pre-primary Ballet & Tap Exam class where they will be invited to take their first ballet class examination. In these classes, our young dancers start to learn basic ballet and tap techniques. For the first year, we still structure our classes creatively with the use of ballet, Disney and musical theatre stories to help engage and encourage children to use the correct expression and characterisation of movement. In the second year, we try to keep the lessons fun and imaginative but begin to expect a higher level of discipline and dedication as the children work toward their first exam.

The objectives of the Imperial Ballet Class Examinations are:

• A sense of performance which incorporates a suitable awareness of style and expression

• Use of space in relation to the other members of the group and the dance area available

• Rhythmic awareness and a suitable interpretation of the musical qualities

• Correct alignment and placing of the body to the best of the individual physical facility

• Appropriate use of limbs, with an understanding of the purpose of each exercise, thus developing motor skills

• Sense of line and coordination of movement

• An appreciation of artistry, both in own movement and that of others

• Consideration and respect

• Creativity within a disciplined environment

1imperial-classical-ballet-syllabus-outline-revised-2019 ISTD